Locally made on the Gold Coast

25MM Aluminium Venetians Blinds are an effortless blind that styles a perfect finish. One of the few window furnishings that is able to adapt to a modern home or office as well as giving off old world charm.

The simplicity of these blinds allow you to make a bold design statement, or keep a subtle feel, they are easy to operate and can be locked into any position needed. Aluminium Venetians are easily maintained and cleaned by dusting regularly and if needed washed with warm soapy water. 

One of the biggest benefits of Aluminium venetian blinds is that they’re basically maintenance-free. As a non-corrosive material protected by a naturally occurring oxide film, Aluminium venetians are highly durable and moisture-resistant.


  • 25mm High Grade Aluminium Alloy.
  • Solid and Metallic Colours Available.
  • Cost Effective Furnishings Solution.
  • Stove Enamelled, to Promote Longevity.
  • Eco Friendly Materials Used.
  • Long lasting.

“We recently had aluminium venetian blinds installed in our office space and they look great. They have made a huge difference for us. Thank you to John & Peter for all of the help and for being reliable and friendly throughout the whole process. We highly recommend to anyone needing blinds on the Gold Coast or Brisbane.” – Daniel, Pimpama


“Thanks for the great service and quality of my new installed blinds” – Sarah