Locally made on the Gold Coast 


Stylish and practical the Boulevard Fixed canopy is suited for any area above a window or door, home or business. The Boulevard provides both shade and protection, made from Aluminium frame that can be powder-coated to your choice of colour. Dressed with mould resistant acrylic fabric and finished with either a scallop or valance, to create a perfect finish.


The dutch-hood is the original fixed canopy with the classic right angle shape, ideally suited for areas with ample space above a window or door, most commonly on homes and shop fronts.

The powder-coated aluminium frame can be dressed in both mould resistant acrylic canvas or the traditional green back canvas, with a scallop or valance finish.


Elegant, semi-circle shaped fixed canopy created by 2 parts width by 1 part height. This aluminium powder-coated frame makes a perfect weather protection for just about any doorway.

Dress the florentine with mould resistant acrylic and finish with a scallop or valance to give style and old-world charm to your building.

  • Durable and Easy To Use.
  • Child Safety Components.
  • Component Colours to Match.
  • Blockout, Sheer, and Translucent Fabrics.
  • Optional Fabric Finished Fascias.
  • Laser & Crush Cutter assure a perfect blind every time.